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Day Tour

Safari in Yala National Park

Yala National Park is the second largest national park in Sri Lanka, it is also the most popular. The park itself consists of five large blocks, only two of which are open to the public. Actually it consists of five blocks, two of which are now open to the public, and also adjoining parks. 

It is situated in the south east region of the country, and lies in Southern and Uva provinces. It is not uncommon to see magestic elephants or wild buffalos relaxing in the many lagoons, but if you want to see the elusive leopard – be prepared to start early! Yala was designated as a wildlife sanctuary in 1990, and along with Wilpattu it was one of the first two national parks in Sri Lanka, having been designated in 1938. The park is best known for it’s variety of wild animals. It is important for the conservations of Sri Lankan Elephant and aquatic birds.

Leopard and samba prey
An Asian elephant can be seen walking along a dirt road at Yala National Park in Tissamaharama, Southern Province of Sri Lanka.
Elephant in the wild on the island of Sri LankaElephant in the African savannah Masai Mara
A wild male leopard walks on a tree branch in the morning golden light

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