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Arugam Bay Surf Tour

Arugam Bay is a world renowned surf break, some would argue – it’s the best in the country. The town itself is pretty tiny, with one road in, and one road out. That’s not to say it doesn’t have it’s fair share of fabulous restaurants, bars and friendly guesthouses (check out the Seahorse Inn. For surf enthusiasts – it’s worth noting that Arugam Bay enjoys the same antarctic winter swell’s that also hit Indonesia during the middle part of the year. So if you plan on surfing, the best time to visit Arugam Bay is from May and November when the predominant wind is offshore for the first half of the day. 

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Arugam Bay also offers plenty of opportunities for beginners – with no shortage of friendly locals happy to give you some helpful tips. There are three point breaks “The Point”, “Pottuvil Point” and “Crocodile Rock” all within an hour’s tuk tuk ride from the main drag.

The Point: lovingly referred to as ‘Baby Point’ because of it’s beginner friendly nature, this is the main break in Arugam Bay. The point is a long right-hand point/reef break that breaks at the headland in front of Arugam Bay. What it lacks in power, it definitely makes up for in consistent, perfect waves. On a good day it provides a clean wall that will barrel in sections and give you a 400-meter ride right through to the inside.

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Pottuvil Point: Pottuvil is the next town along the coast, but because it’s about an hour’s ride in a tuk, it’s often relatively deserted. Now is the time to visit Pottuvil Point, because it is relatively untouched and only a few huts are dotted along the tree line. This spot gets a pretty descent swell and some nice barrels. It’s worth noting that the beach is also fringed with boulders, so if you’re an inexperienced surfer – take care. If you go on a good day, the waves at Pottuvil Point peel perfectly across the beach for what seems like eternity, which makes it great for longboards. As long as you don’t mind the long walk back along the beach.

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April – October Is the Best Season For Surfing In Arugam bay

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