Wedding in Sri Lanka

Wedding in Sri Lanka

Plan Your Wedding in Sri Lanka

You might already know that destination weddings are now a must-have experience not just for you but for your loved ones too. But you might be faced with the dilemma that not all destination weddings can offer that extraordinary time that you and your soon-to-be spouse deserves. 

And here is where we come in! A brand and a team with 8 years of experience in planning memorable weddings in a plethora of scenic destinations with exotic décor, events, cuisines, furniture and fun!

Wedding setup on tropical beach.
two lovers embrace on shore of ocean, summer day

Sri Lanka, nicknamed the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, has long been one of the top tourist countries in Asia. Blessed with a bunch of natural and urban destinations in one tropical island, Sri Lanka boasts a sunny weather in any month of the year, golden sandy beaches, a clear blue ocean, and an enchanting flora. 

To add to this, we can bring add elements of your own culture’s core values while mixing in the rich heritage, delicious authentic cuisines and the hospitality of our own island nation.

Why not make the dreamiest day of your life an experience that you, your beloved spouse, family and friends will always cherish in their hearts?

Hit us up for an experience that will always be uniquely beautiful and that will never fade away with time.

Unawatuna, Sri Lanka - January 1, 2011: People taking part in traditional wedding ceremony on a beach, Unawatuna, Sri Lanka
the groom in a suit carries on his hands the bride in a wedding dress in the waters of the Indian Ocean. Wedding and honeymoon in the tropics on the island of Sri Lanka

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